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Truck Underride

Manchester, NH Truck Underride Accident Attorney

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In most of the cases, these accidents are fatal. In other cases, the victims usually suffer injuries that are catastrophic due to the level of the impact that has been caused. While there are measures and guidelines that have been put in place to ensure that 18 wheelers do not cause these accidents, not all the trucks have been fitted with the necessary equipment.

If you have been involved in a truck underride accident, do not hesitate to contact a truck underride accident attorney in Manchester, NH. Contact an attorney as soon as possible. The compensation that you may be eligible for is meant to cover, among other things:

  • The cost that you have incurred in seeking for medical attention due to the injuries that were sustained during the accident.
  • The amount of money that has been lost due to the layoff and duration that you have been away from work due to the injuries that have been sustained.

Any other costs that may be awarded where the court of law of competent jurisdiction deems to be necessary. All the cases will be analyzed on their own merits before the final decision is given.

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