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Truck Jackknife

Manchester Truck Jackknife Accident Attorney

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Other drivers, passengers and pedestrians face catastrophic injuries or death when this 80,000 pound wall comes crashing at them. These accidents often kill and injure several people at a time. With the boom in construction around cities, jackknife accidents are occurring with frighteningly more frequency.

Insurers of tractor-trailers are fully aware of their financial exposure in a jackknife accident and will act quickly against you. Protect your right to compensation for your injuries by immediately retaining a truck jackknife attorney in Manchester, NH.

Don't wait to get to a hospital. Insist on paramedics transporting you there. Your injuries will be documented, and you'll be cared for as well as possible before you get to the emergency room. Follow all recommendations and treatment plans of your doctors and therapists. Make sure you attend every appointment as scheduled, and cooperate with your Manchester truck jackknife attorney.

Even though almost all jackknife accidents are caused by the truck driver, the insurer of the trucker will try to push off some of the blame for the accident onto you. Don't even talk with the trucker or their insurer. Let your experienced truck accident attorney be your advocate. Contact a truck jackknife attorney in Manchester, NH immediately after any trucking accident.

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