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Runaway Truck

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A runaway truck accident occurs when the speed of a truck is not the same as the speed of its trailer. In most cases, the trailer's speed will cause the truck to lose control. When this happens, the trailer is detached from the truck and a lot of destruction that can take place. Runaway truck accidents can lead to fatal injuries. If you are involved in an accident with a truck, you need to consult a Runaway Truck Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH for assistance with your case.

Main Causes For Runaway Trailer Accidents

The main causes for runaway truck accidents include overloaded trailers, equipment defects, brake failure, sudden turns, speeding and steep declines.

Overloaded Trailers

When the trailer of a truck has more cargo than it can bear safely or is permitted to carry, there are many serious consequences. The brakes may fail or tires may blowout which will cause the truck to move out of control.

Equipment Defects and Brake Failure

Faulty equipment and mechanical problems can cause a truck to detach from its trailer. The trailer can detach itself from the truck when its brakes do not work in combination with those of the tractor.

Sudden Turns

If a truck jackknifes or turns too quickly, the trailer may be detached. When making an accident claim, a Runaway Truck Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH will try to find out if the truck driver was driving in a dangerous manner that caused them to make an unexpected turn. If this sudden turn caused an accident, the truck driver could be held responsible for the accident.


A truck driver should regulate their speed depending on the cargo being transported, the cargo's weight and the road conditions. Over-speeding can result in a runaway truck accident.

Steep Declines

Trucks that are moving at a slow speed on a steep decline will normally have difficulty braking. Your lawyer will determine whether it is a poorly designed road or the negligence of the driver that led to the accident.

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