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Flatbed Truck

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Each year, it is reported that up to 30% of commercial trucks on the road today are not road worthy. Some of the conditions that these trucks have include bald tires, defective brakes, inoperable lights and intoxicated or unfit drivers. Every year, a high percentage of trucks fail to abide by federal and state safety standards resulting in more accidents. The following is some basic knowledge that you should know before hiring a Flatbed Truck Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH.

What is a Flatbed Truck?

A flatbed truck refers to a huge automobile used for commercial reasons. A flatbed truck has a minimum weight of 10,000 pounds without taking account the weight of the cargo or passengers. The flatbed truck is different from the tractor-trailer because the truck is directly mounted on to the chassis and can't be removed.

Flatbed Truck Accidents

On the Road Accidents: Many accidents involving flatbed trucks are caused by the load being transported. Logs and other kinds of lumber are usually transported by flatbed trucks. In some cases, when an accident involving a flatbed truck takes place, the logs on the truck shift forward because of the impact and crush the cab of the truck. The logs then move on to hurt the driver and passengers in the vehicle leading to serious injuries or death. Flatbeds can also be used to carry other loads such as cranes, motors, drywall, concrete beams and other building materials.

Off the Road Accident: Some flatbed truck accidents take place when the truck is not on the road. When cargo is been loaded on the flatbed truck, heavy machinery such as forklifts are used for loading the heavy cargo. Errors during loading can cause accidents. For instance workers may be crushed by between the rear of the vehicle and the forklift or by falling cargo.

If you are involved in a flatbed truck accident, you need to consult a Flatbed Truck Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH. The role of a lawyer will be to determine who is at fault and to ensure you are fairly compensated for you injuries.

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