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Accidents involving trucks are becoming more common. Truck accidents involve unique and often complicated issues, especially when the accident is caused by an intoxicated truck driver. While truck drivers are usually covered by insurance policies, the insurance companies often seek to pay as little as possible and will take minimal action to hold the intoxicated driver responsible. If you have been involved in a serious accident involving an intoxicated truck driver, contact a DUI truck accident attorney in Manchester, NH immediately.

An attorney will assist you with determining all of the damages to which you are entitled. Accidents with trucks often involve extensive property damage and personal injury. Not only should the intoxicated driver be held responsible for the vehicle repairs and medical bills, but also for your lost wages, loss of use of your vehicle, future medical bills, and damages for pain and suffering. Initial insurance settlement offers rarely consider these types of damages. Insurance companies often bully victims into accepting unreasonable offers. An attorney will help keep the insurance company honest.

A DUI truck accident attorney in Manchester, NH will also have the expertise to present and prove your case if it proceeds to court. The legal process is complicated and requires compliance with rules and procedure. Many who try to represent themselves are overwhelmed by the complexity of the process. An attorney will know how to effectively present your case within the parameters of the court rules. An attorney will know how to show that the intoxicated driver was at fault and should be held responsible for his poor decisions.

Do not hesitate to contact a DUI Truck Accident attorney in Manchester, NH if you have been involved in a serious accident with an intoxicated truck driver. An attorney will protect your rights and pursue justice.

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