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Construction Zone

Manchester Construction Zone Accident Attorney

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Construction zones are common on roads especially in a place like Houston where roads frequently get worn out. Construction zones are dangerous for commuters and have a high potential for causing accidents. Aggressive truckers, negligent contractors and ignorant commuters are all factors that increase your risk of being involved in an accident. In case you are hurt in a construction zone accident, you can seek compensation from the responsible person by hiring a Construction Zone Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH.

Aggressive Truckers

Truck drivers have to push a little to pass through construction zones but when they get too aggressive, the traffic at construction zones may lead to a truck accident. Trucks are involved in up to 24% of fatal accidents occurring in work zones.

Negligent Contractors

Construction zones should be designed in a way that offers drivers enough time to pass through. Construction zones should consist of four main parts that prevent accidents:

  • Advance Warning Area: A construction zone should be established in advance so that drivers are aware of an upcoming construction and that they should slow down near such areas.
  • Transition Area: Drivers need to be offered enough time to get into a new lane configuration.
  • Activity Area: Lanes should have a reasonable configuration and constant width.
  • Termination Area: Drivers need to be directed back to a road that is in good condition and has normal traffic flow.

Oblivious Commuters

Many drivers put their vehicles on cruise control when commuting. In such cases, they need to be alert on the road. However, when they come across construction zones, distractions like eating, cell phones and other activities may result in serious road accidents.

If you are involved in a construction zone accident, it is important to seek the assistance of a Construction Zone Accident Attorney in Manchester, NH. Hiring an attorney will enable you to claim compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages or any other damage depending on the extent of your injuries.

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